Semester 2 ENT Project


Team members :

Eileen Tay Xin Ying  P1637821

Gabriel Jaren Loy Jun Wei  P1637863

Florian Kuhan Ableitner  P1638330

Wong Yi Kai  P1636916

Wesley Tan  P1636932


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Week 3

We presented our top 3 ideas to each other from the Red Dot Museum.


Our top three ideas we chose as a team were the Light Display Clock, Flower Shower Head and Light Artwork (Sphere).



This is our sketch of our concept showing the journey and details of our product inspired by our top 3 concepts from the red dot museum.

Week 4

 Empathy – Clustering insights and needs

» Analyze Interview Data

During the interview, we went to ask people about our product. We asked people ranging from family members, to friends and even strangers. All of different ages. Most of the interviewees had a good review of it. They seemed to like the product. They had a few concerns in terms of how safe and economical the product was. One interviewee who had a concern of the safety was Mr Tan. A 40 year old man who is living with his family asked, “How sure are you, that this product will be safe to use as a shower? Will there be spare parts if it were to malfunction?” Some questions like these were also a concern for us as we were not too sure how we were gonna solve the problem if the shower were to have a malfunction. However there were also good reviews from people saying that they would not mind paying money to buy the shower as it looked unique and fun. We also asked the them for a price range of what they would pay for the product. Many seemed to tick the $29.90-$39.90 range as it is more affordable for everyone. In a whole there were a lot of positive feedback and reviews. We also improved on the product slightly by adding some safety features

» Identify Insights and User Needs

From the interview we picked up a lot of insights from potential users. Many concerns were of safety. We improved on the safety of the shower by adding water proof covers for the LED lights. This would prevent any damage to the lights and the person using it. We also added rubber tubes instead of metal tubes for the showers as we do not want the users to touch the metal tubes when hot water is running. This could lead to serious health hazards. Especially for kids. Hence we improved more of the safety of the product than the design

For the user needs, They want it to be economical. Some of them were afraid that the shower might consume too much electricity and water. For the electricity part of it, we are using LED lights instead of normal lumen bulbs. Firstly because LED lights do not heat up and secondly because it consumes less electricity compared to normal lumen light bulbs.

For the water consumption, we added a timer to the product. This gives users the opportunity to time their showers. This allowed user to see how much water they use and prevent them from wasting water. So for example, users can choose the ‘eco wash’ function which allows them to use water on a shorter period of time. However the water would blast faster to allow the user to shower more quickly. The blast shower would be more misty to save more water. Hence we made the shower more suited for the customers preference.

» Develop a Persona

We created a Persona which is of a child. His name is “Mischievous Michael”ENT.jpg

We created this as we wanted to attract kids to shower. Some kids do not like showers and parents find it hard to make them go to the shower.With this product, we hope to make kids more convinced to go to the showers.

Week 5


5 dollars challenge


So i decided to take up the challenge for a day of only using 5 dollars.

In the morning of school, i didnt eat breakfast since i thought this would help me in my challenge. I guess not.

So during lunch, i bought a large sum of mixed rice which costs me $3.20.

5.00 – 3.20= 1.80


Well luckily the school has a number of water coolers i can depend on so i dont have to buy any drinking water.

School ended late around six and i live far off at the east so i felt that i needed to get something to eat on the way home, so i bought Werther’s Original Cream Candies.

IMG-20160720-WA0017 1.80-1.10 = 0.70

Actually, i honestly made it home with 70 cents left but it was pretty torturing since i eat less than usual days. But if i were to count other expenses like transport, i am definitely sure this challenge would fail

In Singapore i would say a Poly student will most likely require 10 dollars a day

Game/Read Time! #CA1


How i got to know about these books was because of my secondary school. Not sure if the company gave the books to us for free or our school was generous enough to buy them, but i do know these were pretty useful to prepare for our O level English.

every one of their volumes or series has a unique theme to engage the reader’s interests in different writing genres plus i find it really captivating when they present their essential facts in an interesting manner.

this below, is volume one.

its about youths on changing the world… about protests happening internationally… it contains real life perspectives of different people on protesting…  contains simple facts on Singaporean youths action’s towards what they believe in… it shows such detail on such simple things like for example a tear gas… it also has questions that put you in a scenario where you have to think wisely about your response to the situation… cleverly uses a movie like hunger games to teach a thing or two about citizenry/power… puts in inspiring words said by other youths around the world including celebs…

“what i found very interesting was that the editors also put in more effort by showing conducted secret social experiments to explain and analyse the results of real-life problems. for example in this volume, an actor drops her belongings nearby a traffic light that has just turned green. the responses may be kinda shocking, so if you want to find out, read the magazine!” said Iswardi, which is me of course.

all these content gave me an open mind on whether a citizen like me should ever protest or just go on with the ways of the government. anybody who read this blog, i insist that you get at least one of their magazines as they are really interesting!



Society & Co. #CA1

MINDS-Movement for the Intellectually Disabled in Singapore.


This is an example of a good company. a very good one. they do what they say.

Their vision and mission

To be a world-class voluntary welfare organisation that advances the development, well-being and aspirations of persons with intellectual disability and their integration into society.

In addition, they said that to develop them they must have a provision of a comprehensive range of quality services. To fulfill their aspirations they must be able to empower the intellectually disabled. And to make them participate fully as possible in society, they need to advocate the interests and causes of the persons.

Core values

Integrity, they conduct themselves with honesty and ethical behaviour to uphold strong corporate governance and accountability for the public trust. Respect, They regard every individual with dignity and respect regardless of age, race, religion and disabilities. Professionalism, they strive for excellence to deliver quality outcomes in everything they do.


  • 1961 :  A group of philanthropists got together to set up a single-room educational centre for 26 intellectually disabled children in Towner Road. The centre is thus name Towner Chin Pu*                     *meaning progress in Chinese
  • 1962 : Singapore Association for Retarded Children (SARC) established.
  • 1963-1965 : Towner Road centre moved to Ah Hood Road with enrollment increase to 40 children within its first three months. Outram Centre and Geylang Centre were created in the subsequent two years.
  • 1966-1984 : More centres were opened throughout Singapore and in 1972, their 5th anniversary, the enrollment rose to 324 children. Through the years they organised or participated in activities and events both locally and internationally, giving the children more opportunities to develop them and fulfill their desires.
  • 1985 : SARC renamed as Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).
  • 1985 onwards.. : First joined the Community Chest of Singapore and received S$1.8m in year one. A team of 18 MIND’s teachers and volunteers climb Mount Ophir with four youths with intellectual disability! And finally, Jurong Centre shifted to the former Jurong Primary School. The vacant four single-storey blocks enable the establishment of an educational section and a workshop. The former was renamed as Jurong Gardens School and had an enrolment of 192 children.

just a few of the awards the company achieved..

  • 2010 People Developer Certification by Spring Singapore
  • 2010 Recipient of the NCSS Outstanding VWO (Innovation) Award by NCSS
  • 2010 Gold Recipient of the Singapore Health Award by the Workplace Health Promotion Programme
  • 2008 Gold Recipient of the Singapore Health Award by the Workplace Health Promotion Programme

Its amazing to know that a group of philanthropists were able to make such progress and improve the lives of many people across Singapore. Their activities has led to success and they use their success to FURTHER develop their company for the benefit of the employers and the intellectually disabled persons. So.. yeah that is cool.

Global Voices #CA1

The story of a Syrian refugee, Hassan Jamous, 24, who learns to smile again. (website)

*read the bold words at the bottom to know why i chose this story*

Hassan, together with 20 others escaped to Germany by the help of a smuggler in a city called Munich which was their first destination. They got out of the back of the chicken truck after a very long journey.

“are we really in Germany?” asked Hassan to himself in disbelief as no police came to arrest them as they change their clothing for another journey.

The smuggler then told all of them to wait at an area for 15 minutes and then proceed to go on their own. the smuggler drove off. Hassan went alone and decided to look for the first police officer. after  a while, he knew he couldn’t do this alone, so he noticed two guys and a little boy who luckily seems to have come from the same city(Damascus). he was asked if he could speak English and then..

“we are going to a city called Saarbrucken. They say the people there are nice and the procedures there are faster for the refugees.” said one of the men. So Hassan decided, why not?

A television screenshot Hassan took of his home street in Syria. Hassan lived in a suburb of Damascus called Darayya, the site of intense fighting between the Syrian regime and rebel forces. (Hassan Jamous)
Hassan’s hometown where intense fighting occurs in between the Syrian regime and the rebel forces.

they flagged down a cab. the driver asked if they had any money and with a small laughter, Hassan said, “of cause we do”. They took a trip to the nearest main bus station which was their second destination. through the journey, Hassan looked out of the window admiring the lands of Germany, thinking deeply about whether he could really build a future here in this new home of his. Finally at the main bus station they took the first bus going towards their third destination.

Six hours went by in the bus and Hassan spent most of his time sleeping as he was too hungry and tired after all this intense travelling across so many cities. At Saarbrucken, there was a huge refugee camp for many other nationalities and not only the Syrians. The camp was packed with lots of queues and noise. Noise from the refugees talking to one another about their lives and queues for the rations of food being given out. After receiving his food, he was sent to a room where he could and then rest. Hassan, starving and also tired, did all this quickly.

A week later, he was transferred to another camp in Trier, his fourth destination. When he was being transferred, he felt a bit confused but the administrator explained kindly that it is normal that this is done in Germany. Hassan was surprised or taken aback as she could smile easily and express such kindness. Next, the refugees who were going to be transferred were given train tickets and a map so they can famililarise themselves in the country.

“Is it really OK to be here?” he thought to himself as he was in the train.

He felt rather uncomfortable most of the time as he was new to everything. The camp in Trier was much smaller and contained a fifth of the total number of people from the previous camp. There was very little place to sleep in over there so he spent his first night sleeping in the hallway. The following day, a group of them had to be transferred again including him. at first thought, Hassan thought the people there hated them but his perspective changes everyday as he notices them with big smiles whenever they nicely treated them. His fifth destination.

Friendships are not easily made as Hassan knew that he wont be able to see them for a while since they are constantly being transferred. Waiting is done everyday for the refugees as they had to wait for their food, to get on a bus or to get in the shower. One thing that he cannot wait for, is the chance to be transferred to a real house where he can finally experience the life of a normal citizen of Germany.

28 days have passed since he stepped into Germany and he felt used to staying in the camps such that he came up with strategies to get food. The only difficult part to him was sleeping as he slept in a huge tent with another 200 refugees whereby some of them made lots of noises. In the day, you can see most of the refugees playing sports to amuse themselves. The children were the ones who are mostly happy as you can always see them running around. “It was a scene hard to see in Syria anymore” said Hassan. Their lives were not perfect, but at least it was safe.

Finally he got the news where he would be transferred to a house in a small town called Stadecken-Elsheim with 6 others. He woke up 6 am early in the morning the next day to bid farewell to the camp and hopes not to come back there again. After registering his name, he was driven to a house, his sixth destination and hopefully one of his last. He was told by the employees that he will live with 5 others in the same house until they got their 3-year residence visas.

At his new home, He helped his roommates when they wanted to go to the dentists or the doctors. At first he was shy when it comes to speaking with the Germans, but wherever he went he saw sincere smiles. So his trust becomes stronger everyday. Sleep was still abit difficult but at least 5 is better than 200.

One day a volunteer came to help them with their German language. Her name is Migy, a German mother to Hassan. Again, even she smiles with such sincerity. It then occured to him that everyone never forgets to smile at them even though they did not smile. It seems like the refugees forgot how to do so.

Hassan stands in front of a whiteboard during German language classes in his new hometown. Credit: Hassan Jamous
Hassan during a German language class presenting at the front.

Hassan thought, “In the end, i didn’t need food or money or even a safe country. All i needed was a good honest smile.”

10 months of wait is finally over as he receives his residence visa. It is a long road for the future for him. He may not feel weak anymore but pain does hit him once in a while as he sees the news of new political parties taking advantage and getting stronger because of the Syrian and other refugees. Some say they are not educated enough, some say they are radicals.

“It’s a price we have to accept for the things that happened in Syria. But I am a human with big dreams. I will work hard to prove them wrong.”

Why this story? Well because i was very curious to see a life i have never experienced before. I appreciate that the German community are doing a good job by allowing refugees to stay and treating them nicely. After reading this story, i have more faith in humanity and i myself learn to appreciate the privileges i get from a safe country.


Heritage trail #CA1



A Visit

To The

Indian Heritage Centre





such amazing photography skills

I, Iswardi of JP01/06, together with a friend of mine went to visit this heritage centre on the 15th of June 2016… go on and read through this blog to catch a glimpse of what i saw :}

I saw the attire of the Indians in the past and i realised something interesting whereby the males normally wear colourful and stylish turbans or head-wear…so i tried one for myself!


i went on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, about 2 years ago and i noticed something very familiar about the Indian Muslims and the Turkish Muslims in the past where they are known to build symmetrical architectures, normally mosques, out of shiny blue marbles.


*excuse the bad photographs since flashing of lights were disallowed :p*

Snippets of some of the attires of certain workers of the Indians in Singapore down below


Sooooo i stumbled upon an activity afterwards, doing it confidently and not realising i was shading the wrong things XDDSC_0406

as i continued my visit, i learnt more…

when it comes to education, some of the Indians of Singapore have done an exceptional effort to build educational buildings for young Indian teenagers to express their thoughts and expand their knowledge about the society and to prepare for their futures. here is a picture of a school which started out small and became a big thing later on.



below, we have 4 bronze statues of well known and inspiring Indians. these statues were gifts by the government of India for their 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Singapore and India.

Finally, when my visit has come to an end, i go out to look at the building once more…

DSC_0433and this is what i saw in the DAY, a plain hive-looking glass architecture that reflects a part of Little India

..and this is what you will see at night where the building is brightly lit with colourful design in a shape of a Baoli.





i guess that is all for me to share, and i hope all of you would come visit this interesting place and learn more about something we less know of. now then, if my blog needs improvement, please tell me! (even though i clearly know it needs a lot of improvement)


Worker Writes #CA1

MY favourite poem would be by a domestic worker, Rolinda O.Espanola, from the Philippines. the poem is titled, ‘My Wish’.

My Wish

I wish to see you blow those candles each year

to be a part of the crowd who sing and cheer

I wish to be on that stage every school end

to see those beaming smile when medals and ribbons pinned

I wish to give you bathe, dress up and tie your hair

to hold your hand and walk to school

and be glad if you say its my mom standing there

I wish to hug you every time you come home crying

to make your milk and on the light if your dreaming

But more than that I wish to be a good mother

and the fact that i can’t be if i have to stay there

So here i am going far from you

and wish someday you’ll understand what did i do

to work abroad is the only decent act i know

to support your education and give a better tomorrow

Those are simple wishes that can easily be granted

but the reality I have to stay here though going home is what i wanted

🙂 this is my favourite poem out of the rest because i could feel every word she is saying. the words are so simple that i can picture whatever she wishes to do with her daughter back at home. every single time i read it, it just makes me picture a movie scene full of love and hardship. and honestly, i love watching people show their true emotions and this poem shows that true feeling of love she had to offer for her daughter 🙂


AEC – Guided Reflection on a Learning Journey


Sem: 1   AY: 16/17





Name: Muhammad Iswardi                  Adm No.: 1638765            Class: JP 01-06




Q1. What are some background information you discovered as part of your planning for the visit?


I discovered that Paya Lebar airbase is one of the five airbases in Singapore. Also Singapore polytechnic is represented in the open house itself through our own flying simulator.











Q2. Discuss in your opinion, some of the key issues related to this visit.  (role of NS, duration of NS, defence strategy, defence policy, total defence, ladies in NS, NS Safety, NS Careers etc.)


The key issues in the visit would be the defence strategies and the NS careers. By showing the defence strategies done in the air show, it gives Singaporeans a sense of safety and assurance that Singapore is well protected by the army. While the foreigners watching the air show are given the chance to better understand the strength of our army despite us being a small nation. The other issue is the NS careers as it gives the teenage men in Singapore a platform to help defend the ntion in many different ways. With these NS careers, the Singaporean boys will have a better image of what they want or can be in the future. I myself have asked the NS men there about the careers and started to take up more interest.














Q3. After this visit, what do you see as your role/responsibility as an individual to the community?


After this visit, I realised that it is my responsibility to ensure that my family, friends and loved ones are safe by going through the compulsory National Service system. This system as I can tell, has brought up many young and brave men whom are capable of keeping our country safe.














a good country

what is a good country to me? after the lesson, i find that a good country should have citizens who are responsible and understanding towards any situation. one country that displays such an attitude would be japan. an example that they displayed is during the earthquake that occurred in 2011. after the crisis, instead of looting and rampaging through the city to get what they want to survive, the Japanese victims worked together and helped one another. also, when they are given instructions to line up to get their required rations they are able to patiently wait. even though some of them have to wait for hours carrying their toddlers, they are persistent ad caring enough to carry on. i have seen such acts of kindness whereby even the ones who are in need of food share it with the ones who do not really need it. therefore, japan is indeed a good country, they may not be ranked as one of the best in terms of safety and other aspects, but when it comes to psychological understanding, they are strong as one. for Singapore? i believe we have a long way to go despite our economy being very well developed 🙂 #weekly

Money Management

  1. What i know about money management

I know that money management has got to do with how we wisely spend or save our money according to the government as well as our job.

2. What i want to know about money management

I want to know if money can really last.

3. What i have learned about money management

I have learned that most teenagers in this generation are not spending wisely as they are trying too hard to fit in. Also they sometimes have to spend more than they usually have to, especially when they are polytechnic students and their transport is more expensive than other teenage Singaporeans. Another issue would have to do with some teenagers whereby they spend alot on cigarettes or spend too much on their relationships with their boyfriends/girlfriend. So in all, teenagers tend to not know the difference between a NEED and a WANT when it comes to spending. Other than the parts on teenage spending, i learnt the accurate definition of taxes which is an involuntary fee levied on corporations or individuals that is enforced by  level of government in order to finance government activities. Finally would be on investing. It is often regarded as gambling, too risky, complicated or only for the rich.  It maybe true but not for those who have 10 to 30 years of financial planning ahead of them.


i would like to end by recommending the blog post on teenage investment. Since i myself am a teenager, it is easy for me to relate to it so i liked it.