Semester 2 ENT Project


Team members :

Eileen Tay Xin Ying  P1637821

Gabriel Jaren Loy Jun Wei  P1637863

Florian Kuhan Ableitner  P1638330

Wong Yi Kai  P1636916

Wesley Tan  P1636932


PowerPoint Link

Week 3

We presented our top 3 ideas to each other from the Red Dot Museum.


Our top three ideas we chose as a team were the Light Display Clock, Flower Shower Head and Light Artwork (Sphere).



This is our sketch of our concept showing the journey and details of our product inspired by our top 3 concepts from the red dot museum.

Week 4

 Empathy – Clustering insights and needs

» Analyze Interview Data

During the interview, we went to ask people about our product. We asked people ranging from family members, to friends and even strangers. All of different ages. Most of the interviewees had a good review of it. They seemed to like the product. They had a few concerns in terms of how safe and economical the product was. One interviewee who had a concern of the safety was Mr Tan. A 40 year old man who is living with his family asked, “How sure are you, that this product will be safe to use as a shower? Will there be spare parts if it were to malfunction?” Some questions like these were also a concern for us as we were not too sure how we were gonna solve the problem if the shower were to have a malfunction. However there were also good reviews from people saying that they would not mind paying money to buy the shower as it looked unique and fun. We also asked the them for a price range of what they would pay for the product. Many seemed to tick the $29.90-$39.90 range as it is more affordable for everyone. In a whole there were a lot of positive feedback and reviews. We also improved on the product slightly by adding some safety features

» Identify Insights and User Needs

From the interview we picked up a lot of insights from potential users. Many concerns were of safety. We improved on the safety of the shower by adding water proof covers for the LED lights. This would prevent any damage to the lights and the person using it. We also added rubber tubes instead of metal tubes for the showers as we do not want the users to touch the metal tubes when hot water is running. This could lead to serious health hazards. Especially for kids. Hence we improved more of the safety of the product than the design

For the user needs, They want it to be economical. Some of them were afraid that the shower might consume too much electricity and water. For the electricity part of it, we are using LED lights instead of normal lumen bulbs. Firstly because LED lights do not heat up and secondly because it consumes less electricity compared to normal lumen light bulbs.

For the water consumption, we added a timer to the product. This gives users the opportunity to time their showers. This allowed user to see how much water they use and prevent them from wasting water. So for example, users can choose the ‘eco wash’ function which allows them to use water on a shorter period of time. However the water would blast faster to allow the user to shower more quickly. The blast shower would be more misty to save more water. Hence we made the shower more suited for the customers preference.

» Develop a Persona

We created a Persona which is of a child. His name is “Mischievous Michael”ENT.jpg

We created this as we wanted to attract kids to shower. Some kids do not like showers and parents find it hard to make them go to the shower.With this product, we hope to make kids more convinced to go to the showers.

Week 5

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