Game/Read Time! #CA1


How i got to know about these books was because of my secondary school. Not sure if the company gave the books to us for free or our school was generous enough to buy them, but i do know these were pretty useful to prepare for our O level English.

every one of their volumes or series has a unique theme to engage the reader’s interests in different writing genres plus i find it really captivating when they present their essential facts in an interesting manner.

this below, is volume one.

its about youths on changing the world… about protests happening internationally… it contains real life perspectives of different people on protesting…  contains simple facts on Singaporean youths action’s towards what they believe in… it shows such detail on such simple things like for example a tear gas… it also has questions that put you in a scenario where you have to think wisely about your response to the situation… cleverly uses a movie like hunger games to teach a thing or two about citizenry/power… puts in inspiring words said by other youths around the world including celebs…

“what i found very interesting was that the editors also put in more effort by showing conducted secret social experiments to explain and analyse the results of real-life problems. for example in this volume, an actor drops her belongings nearby a traffic light that has just turned green. the responses may be kinda shocking, so if you want to find out, read the magazine!” said Iswardi, which is me of course.

all these content gave me an open mind on whether a citizen like me should ever protest or just go on with the ways of the government. anybody who read this blog, i insist that you get at least one of their magazines as they are really interesting!



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