Society & Co. #CA1

MINDS-Movement for the Intellectually Disabled in Singapore.


This is an example of a good company. a very good one. they do what they say.

Their vision and mission

To be a world-class voluntary welfare organisation that advances the development, well-being and aspirations of persons with intellectual disability and their integration into society.

In addition, they said that to develop them they must have a provision of a comprehensive range of quality services. To fulfill their aspirations they must be able to empower the intellectually disabled. And to make them participate fully as possible in society, they need to advocate the interests and causes of the persons.

Core values

Integrity, they conduct themselves with honesty and ethical behaviour to uphold strong corporate governance and accountability for the public trust. Respect, They regard every individual with dignity and respect regardless of age, race, religion and disabilities. Professionalism, they strive for excellence to deliver quality outcomes in everything they do.


  • 1961 :  A group of philanthropists got together to set up a single-room educational centre for 26 intellectually disabled children in Towner Road. The centre is thus name Towner Chin Pu*                     *meaning progress in Chinese
  • 1962 : Singapore Association for Retarded Children (SARC) established.
  • 1963-1965 : Towner Road centre moved to Ah Hood Road with enrollment increase to 40 children within its first three months. Outram Centre and Geylang Centre were created in the subsequent two years.
  • 1966-1984 : More centres were opened throughout Singapore and in 1972, their 5th anniversary, the enrollment rose to 324 children. Through the years they organised or participated in activities and events both locally and internationally, giving the children more opportunities to develop them and fulfill their desires.
  • 1985 : SARC renamed as Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS).
  • 1985 onwards.. : First joined the Community Chest of Singapore and received S$1.8m in year one. A team of 18 MIND’s teachers and volunteers climb Mount Ophir with four youths with intellectual disability! And finally, Jurong Centre shifted to the former Jurong Primary School. The vacant four single-storey blocks enable the establishment of an educational section and a workshop. The former was renamed as Jurong Gardens School and had an enrolment of 192 children.

just a few of the awards the company achieved..

  • 2010 People Developer Certification by Spring Singapore
  • 2010 Recipient of the NCSS Outstanding VWO (Innovation) Award by NCSS
  • 2010 Gold Recipient of the Singapore Health Award by the Workplace Health Promotion Programme
  • 2008 Gold Recipient of the Singapore Health Award by the Workplace Health Promotion Programme

Its amazing to know that a group of philanthropists were able to make such progress and improve the lives of many people across Singapore. Their activities has led to success and they use their success to FURTHER develop their company for the benefit of the employers and the intellectually disabled persons. So.. yeah that is cool.

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