Heritage trail #CA1



A Visit

To The

Indian Heritage Centre





such amazing photography skills

I, Iswardi of JP01/06, together with a friend of mine went to visit this heritage centre on the 15th of June 2016… go on and read through this blog to catch a glimpse of what i saw :}

I saw the attire of the Indians in the past and i realised something interesting whereby the males normally wear colourful and stylish turbans or head-wear…so i tried one for myself!


i went on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, about 2 years ago and i noticed something very familiar about the Indian Muslims and the Turkish Muslims in the past where they are known to build symmetrical architectures, normally mosques, out of shiny blue marbles.


*excuse the bad photographs since flashing of lights were disallowed :p*

Snippets of some of the attires of certain workers of the Indians in Singapore down below


Sooooo i stumbled upon an activity afterwards, doing it confidently and not realising i was shading the wrong things XDDSC_0406

as i continued my visit, i learnt more…

when it comes to education, some of the Indians of Singapore have done an exceptional effort to build educational buildings for young Indian teenagers to express their thoughts and expand their knowledge about the society and to prepare for their futures. here is a picture of a school which started out small and became a big thing later on.



below, we have 4 bronze statues of well known and inspiring Indians. these statues were gifts by the government of India for their 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Singapore and India.

Finally, when my visit has come to an end, i go out to look at the building once more…

DSC_0433and this is what i saw in the DAY, a plain hive-looking glass architecture that reflects a part of Little India

..and this is what you will see at night where the building is brightly lit with colourful design in a shape of a Baoli.





i guess that is all for me to share, and i hope all of you would come visit this interesting place and learn more about something we less know of. now then, if my blog needs improvement, please tell me! (even though i clearly know it needs a lot of improvement)


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