a good country

what is a good country to me? after the lesson, i find that a good country should have citizens who are responsible and understanding towards any situation. one country that displays such an attitude would be japan. an example that they displayed is during the earthquake that occurred in 2011. after the crisis, instead of looting and rampaging through the city to get what they want to survive, the Japanese victims worked together and helped one another. also, when they are given instructions to line up to get their required rations they are able to patiently wait. even though some of them have to wait for hours carrying their toddlers, they are persistent ad caring enough to carry on. i have seen such acts of kindness whereby even the ones who are in need of food share it with the ones who do not really need it. therefore, japan is indeed a good country, they may not be ranked as one of the best in terms of safety and other aspects, but when it comes to psychological understanding, they are strong as one. for Singapore? i believe we have a long way to go despite our economy being very well developed 🙂 #weekly

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