Money Management

  1. What i know about money management

I know that money management has got to do with how we wisely spend or save our money according to the government as well as our job.

2. What i want to know about money management

I want to know if money can really last.

3. What i have learned about money management

I have learned that most teenagers in this generation are not spending wisely as they are trying too hard to fit in. Also they sometimes have to spend more than they usually have to, especially when they are polytechnic students and their transport is more expensive than other teenage Singaporeans. Another issue would have to do with some teenagers whereby they spend alot on cigarettes or spend too much on their relationships with their boyfriends/girlfriend. So in all, teenagers tend to not know the difference between a NEED and a WANT when it comes to spending. Other than the parts on teenage spending, i learnt the accurate definition of taxes which is an involuntary fee levied on corporations or individuals that is enforced by  level of government in order to finance government activities. Finally would be on investing. It is often regarded as gambling, too risky, complicated or only for the rich.  It maybe true but not for those who have 10 to 30 years of financial planning ahead of them.


i would like to end by recommending the blog post on teenage investment. Since i myself am a teenager, it is easy for me to relate to it so i liked it.




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