knowing myself through a quiz


I believe my parents have influenced my character strengths in many ways. One character influenced by them would be my spirituality whereby they thought me alot of knowledge on my religion since i was just a young child to better shape me as a good leader of the family in the future. Not sure if the results of the quiz truly explains what i truly am as i can change throughout my life. However according to the results, i know i can create a society that is full of pessimistic citizens with these strengths of mine. Two of my favorite strengths would be on my appreciation of  beauty & excellence plus my gratitude. With gratitude, i tend to have a more positive view of many situations and at the same time give out  a sense of happiness among the people through appreciation of various domains in life, from nature to art to everyday experience and so on.

Qualities that i have seen through this quiz have given me a better idea of what kind of a person i am and i hope that i can use my strengths to make our country a better place to live in. #weekly

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